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What are Special Educational Needs and / or Disabilities?

Special Educational Needs and Disabilities known as SEND describe the needs of a child or young person who has a difficulty or disability which makes learning much more difficult for them than for other children their age.

SEND can affect children in a number of ways:
• Their behaviour, emotional state or ability to socialise - for example they struggle to make friends or have certain anxieties. This may also include difficulty with concentration and attention (due to specific conditions such as ADHD)
• Understanding and learning - They may have specific difficulties in learning for example: difficulty with reading and
writing (Dyslexia)
• Communication and interaction (speech and language – expressing themselves or understanding what is being said)
• Physical ability or sensory needs (their ability to move without assistance or perform fine motor tasks / how the environment
impacts on them – noise levels, colours, touch etc)

For further information on SEND please contact or visit us in school to make an appointment
and we will be happy to help.