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Week Beginning 13th July

A Letter To Green Finches


The school year was cut short

And I didn’t get a chance to say

Thank you for being a fabulous pupil

I’d wish we’d had more time to play!


You have done a brilliant job

Staying at home for so long

It’s not easy but you have been so brave

You have kept people safe and strong.


I’ll make a special visit

To your new class when we return

We will all be together again

To play, share and learn.


Enjoy the Summer with your family

And next year we’ll start anew

For now just know that I miss you all

And I am so proud of you.


Mrs Lee :) 

Word Of The Week


Be confident! Why? Because you're you and no one does a better job being you than you! You got this!

Literacy - Writing Instructions
Topic - Geography
PSHE - Transition