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Moving on to high school

Moving on to high school is a challenging time for children and we support children in this time known as transition to ensure they
are prepared to leave our school.

Contact with high schools

We maintain contact with local high schools that our children attend. We meet with and share information with high schools to
ensure that all of our children are supported in their transition and provided for at high school. We always identify key members in school to support transition. For example, learning mentors and a nominated ‘buddies’.

Visits to high school

Where necessary visits are arranged and reduced hours agreed if required for a better transition to high school. we have good links with our main feeder school Hollingworth Business and Enterprise College. Our year 6 work with Hollingworth on various projects as part of their transition; this work begins in Year 5 when the children visit for a day.

High school visitors

Learning Mentors from Hollingworth Business and Enterprise College arrange a number of visits to our school to support transition and we identify children who would benefit from some extra support.

For further information on transition to high school please contact or visit us in school to make an appointment and we will be happy to help.