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Medical Needs Policy

Medical Needs Policy


At Moorhouse we aim for high attendance and punctuality.  Children do become ill and will on occasions need medication in school.  This sets out our policy.  Pupils with longer term health needs such as diabetes, epilepsy will have a health care plan.  These plans are written together with our School Health Practitioner.


Many conditions do not require a child to be absent from school- for example a cold, mild cough.  Some conditions such as diarrhoea, fever would mean the child should be treated at home.  If in doubt parents can ring the office for advice.   

  1. The school will, supervise pupils in the administration of medicines.  This is conditional to parents/guardians requesting, completing and returning an appropriate form. This must be signed by the Headteacher or Deputy Headteacher. Medicines will not be administered without this.
  2. The school points out that no members of staff are medically qualified to treat illness or injury.  We have First Aiders and Paediatric First Aiders.
  3. Medication should only be taken in school as the last resort.  Wherever possible parents are encouraged to ask doctors to prescribe dose frequencies outside of school hours e.g. early morning, late afternoon and evening.
  4. All medicine containers and appliances should be clearly labelled with the pupil’s name and instructions – chemist label.
  5. The storage of and access to necessary medication will be by arrangement with the Main Office Staff and First-Aid Staff.  Children should report to designated personnel for supervision of medication, or otherwise by special arrangement (e.g. asthma inhalers etc.).
  6. Parents should ensure that where pupils are involved in educational visits or off-site school activities, suitable arrangements will have been made to facilitate access to medication.
  7. A log of pupils supervised in the administration of medicine will be kept, including an asthma log.
  8. Where pupils have long-term medical needs, these should be brought to the attention of the school.  The school will seek advice of our school nurse or other relevant practitioner.