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How we identify Special Educational Needs and / or Disabilities


We are family centred at Moorhouse and if you have any concerns about your child please contact or visit us in school to make an appointment to discuss these further. We will meet with you and your family to discuss how we
will investigate any Special Educational Need further and families will be always part of any decisions made to provide support for
your children in school. We will also provide advice on how to support your child at home and help you to make contact with any of
the local services that may be on offer to support you and your family further.

School staff

School staff may identify special educational needs and / or disabilities in a child for a number of reasons. This could be a concern about a child’s progress, behaviour or understanding in school. All concerns about children are recorded and once concerns are
raised we will investigate to ensure that any needs are identified in order to provide for our children.

Children already identified as having Special Education Needs and / or Disabilities

When new children move to our school we should receive information from the previous school about any Special Educational Needs
and / or Disabilities. We also meet with new families and any concerns raised about children will also be taken into account. Families will be involved in any decisions made about further support for their children. If you are planning to move your child to our school please contact and we will meet to discuss what support your child had at their last school and
what we can do to support your child in their move to our school.