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How we get extra support to meet the needs of our children

Specialist staff

We have support from specialist teachers and support staff for accessing the curriculum and extra work on SEND related needs
(speech, language and communication; hearing impairment; visual impairment; behaviour related needs; severe learning difficulties;

Our school network

The Inspirational Professional Learning Community Network known as the IPLCN share ideas and support each other in how to best meet the needs of all of our children. The SENDCo’s from each school in this network meet termly and are always available for
advice and support.

Speech and Language Therapy

We are supported by Speech and Language Therapy known as SaLT to train our staff and advise on supporting our children. We
refer children for their assessment if required.

Occupational Therapy

We are supported by Occupational Therapy known as OT for children who require assessment in their fine and gross motor
coordination; advise on equipment needed such as special seating or activities to support our children.


We are supported by #Thrive in supporting children with their mental health through staff training in school.

Health Professionals

We are supported by the Physical Development team at Rochdale Additional Needs to support specific children – they help us adapt our school to meet all of our children’s needs. For example, seating arrangements and specialised equipment. We are also supported by a wide range of other health professionals to support all children with a range of needs including genetic conditions. Our school nurse offers drop in sessions termly and works closely with us to share relevant information between health and school.