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We are so proud of your hard work whilst doing your home learning Leon. Well Done!

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Poetry Competition

Write a poem, either on your own or as a family. It can be anything to do with the lockdown and it needs to be inspiring. It can be about kindness, boredom, family, missing our friends, new routines – anything you like.

Poems will be published on our website and all entries will receive a certificate from school. We will choose the three best poems and prizes will be sent home.

Get your poetry pens out and get going!

All entries need to be sent to the email before Monday 11th May 2020.

Check out the poem written by Mrs Milnes and her son, Josh. 





I stay at home to help people stay well,

This lockdown down thing was as a huge bombshell.

It’s not so fun, we can’t go anywhere

But it’s a perfect chance to show that we CARE.


The COVID virus, all it does is infect

We need to stay in and show some RESPECT.

We’ve been given advice that we should all heed

There are people out there with a greater need.


I’ve given up lots to fight for the cause

My hockey career has been put on pause

But its just a break, a little transition

Playing for England, remains my AMBITION.


If you do your part it will pass real quick

Staying at home should do the trick

Enjoy yourself with your whole family

Its worth the sacrifice HONESTly.


by Mrs Milnes and Josh

Fantastic Children's Poems

A fantastic piece of work by Owen in Year 6. Well done!